Bodegas Herederos De Perfecto Martínez
logotipo 1808
Elaboration of the wine_



1808 is a wine made with a selection of tempranillo grapes from the area, grown with environmentally sustainable techniques respectful with the surroundings. Grapes are fermented with their own yeast thus completing the malolactic one/fermentation in contact with its own lees.

The wine is kept in Bordeaux-type casks made of American oak -from the most renowned barrel-makers in the area-, 225-litre with a medium or medium-plus toasting which are swapped every seven years. After bottling, it is kept in niches in order to gain afino.

As a result we obtain fine velvety wines with a strong reminder of the original tempranillo, integrating wood and fruit with some persistent notes of high roast and liquorice.



The selection of grapes, the climate of the region, and the process of elaboration are the basis for obtaining the broths 1808.