Bodegas Herederos De Perfecto Martínez
logotipo 1808



In 2002 the last generation shift -so far- takes place, which implies a new wine project based on a human team that wants to adapt to new times without giving up their ancestral identity signs. Thus, sticking to tradition, we incorporate the new premises with state-of-the-art technology.

· Selection team.
· Variable speed destalking machine.
· Conical stainless fermentor vessels.
· Central-membrane pneumatic press.
· Ageing hall with controlled temperature and humidity.

We currently produce 40,000 bottles of our wines 1808 Temperamento Natural, 30,000 of which are Crianza, varying the proportion of Reserva and Selección de Autor depending on vintage ratings.

Our bottle rack can hold up to 120,000 bottles.



The legacy of a family tradition and centenary, an innovative human team together with the application of new technologies have made reality this project.